Stay Connected to Your Customers

Wherever They May Wander
Stretching Margins

Staying in touch with customers travelling all over the globe is no easy feat. Thank goodness for the cost effective Dash with enterprise-grade firepower that travel service providers need to bring immediate credibility to their operations. With an award-winning hosted platform and a staggeringly large library of domestic, international, and toll-free telephone numbers to choose from, VirtualPBX has built a cost-saving giant to bring to your business communications.

We'll Never Tie You Down

Your customers are beholden to no one and attached to no place. That can make communications tricky. Choosing VirtualPBX and Dash means you can actually stay in touch and never have any blackout periods or locations. With advanced Ring Groups and call routing, your callers always reach the department they need. And just because your company delivers travel accommodations year-round, doesn't mean that your employees work 24/7, 365. Set your holiday schedule and business hours in advance and make sure that callers are always greeting appropriately.

Pack Light, Move Quickly

Have phones you want to keep? Or prefer to use existing mobile phones, tablets, or computers? No problem! With Dash there is nothing that will ever hold you back or slow you down. We carry that from the point that you sign up all the way through to our Customer Support Team which is available 7 days a week. Sign-up for Dash now and be up and running in about 5 minutes! Plus, we'll make it easier – save 10% when you use promo code "bonvoyage" at signup!

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